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Did you say “Acting Classes”? Say no more

Mumbai is the city of dreams with millions of people having the same dream of becoming an actor and hundreds of thousands coming in every year with the same dream of making it on the silver screen. From the streets of Dharavi to every corner of this country there’s a person with the dream of becoming a silver screen star everywhere in this country.

The allure of Bollywood and the silver screen is such that anyone who sees it becomes mesmerized with it and thinks about the possibilities of someday being there. The world of entertainment and cinema is one where dreams are made into reality and normal people become superstars. These superstars are ethereal beings, who can do anything, be anything and live among the stars, shining upon the general populace the brilliance of their talent and craft.


The Hindi film industry is an entertainment behemoth that has been operating for more than 100 years now. 100 years of cinema has inspired countless numbers of people to give a shot to the chance of becoming actors and making a name for themselves and becoming household names in the country. The city of Mumbai is associated more with Bollywood even though it is the financial capital of India which goes on to show how much impact the movie industry has had on the city and its people. The top acting school in India all focus on providing the aspiring actors with methods of controlling their emotions and gauging out the whole spectrum of emotions they can exhibit.

There have hundreds and thousands of actors, supporting actors, junior artists over the years all of whom have come together to create some of the most memorable movies of the past century. Bollywood gives shape to the imaginations and dreams of millions of people and tells compelling stories that connect with the audience making them feel as if it’s their lives being played out on the screen and if it’s them the character represents and they live through these characters and the actors who play these characters.


All the stories Bollywood tells and retells are all dependent heavily on the talent of the actors portraying the character. It is upon the actors to bring the character to life and to draw the audience into the story of the movie and to make them feel a part of the movie. An established actor is the prime attraction of a movie and people expect great acting from the actor in the context of the story and the requirements of the character.It is the actor that carries the burden of bringing the story to life by his/her interpretation of the character and how the character would act, behave and express at the different circumstances depicted in the script and it is his/her ability that brings the screenplay to life on the screen.

Actors are paid millions for their ability to convey through emotions and dialogues and the better they are in being naturally able to become one with the character the better is the outcome on the silver screen. It is the ability of the actor that brings out the message in the story that glues the audience to the screen to the story being played out on the screen.

Actors are expected to be capable of carrying a variety of roles and play a variety of characters and being a good actor means being able to understand the depths of every character that they play and bring out the best possible depiction of the character to the screen. Being able to mimic people or act in a certain way is not enough to make anyone an actor. An actor needs to be able to flesh out characters from simply their understanding of the script. The script is the only reference they have to gain any sort of context of what the character they are going to play is like and it is from this source material they need to create the persona of the character they are playing.

There is huge amount of work required of an actor to simply understand the character and put yourself in that place and act like the character would have or as intended or asked by the director. Be it economic or social or cultural, Bollywood has massively impacted the growth of the city and since movies are a mirror of the society, the movies themselves can be seen as a representation of the evolution of the Indian society and its values over the past 100 years.

Learning to Act

Acting comes naturally, what doesn’t come naturally is the ability to understand situations and control one’s emotions accordingly to suit the situation as demanded by the director and the script. The top acting school in India all focus on providing the aspiring actors with methods of controlling their emotions and gauging out the whole spectrum of emotions they can exhibit. These classes teach actors the best ways to bring out and portray an emotion and how to hold that emotion. The top acting school in India teach important acting lessons like how one can use their facial muscles, their eyes, their body language as a means of conveying important bits of information of using their body to characterise the character they are playing.

The way a character would behave/behaves all comes down to how well the actor can portray the character using their body language and their face. The reason these classes are called the top acting school in India is because they ensure that these aspiring actors have their basics covered before they start going for auditions. You need to know all the tricks of the trade in acting and the top acting school in India are the best place for you to start polishing your skills and learn your trade.