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Actor, Producer and Founder

Bhushan Patiyal, an actor and businessman was born in a middle class family in a small town Rampur Bushahr, Himachal Pradesh. Being from a family background where his father and grandfather was in army, it was difficult for him to enter in to a stream which was totally different from his family background .

The twist in his mind actually came while he was watching a film during his education from a Hindi medium school in his town . The film was named ‘Raju ban Gaya gentleman‘ where, while watching , Patiyal had two dreams in his mind – to become an actor and to become an engineer.

Then what ? Becoming an engineer was also not a Mickey Mouse thing for him for some obvious reasons. Anyhow, he completed his engineering in electronics and telecommunications where he also got an opportunity to play theatres . Bhushan chose an engineering college in Delhi despite of many other options available in different cities just because the theatre was present in Delhi.

He acted in around 12-13 plays where he was to a little level satisfied with this start of acting career, but he wanted something more .. Some X factor .

Before he could decide anything, he had opted for working in an MNC after completing his engineering degree. But his heart was still stuck at acting. So he wished to take transfer to Mumbai so that he could try his luck there while working .

But the destiny had some other plans, probably better plans for him. The moment a thought came to his mind that it was not possible to manage the job and try his hands on acting simultaneously and would need some financial freedom so that he could devote his time to his dream work, he got an opportunity to see a business plan of MLM of one of the best company SafeShop and he continued with that with some of his friends and are at leadership roles today after devoting 10 years in to it and exploring the business around 20 states of the country. He came to Mumbai in the year 2014 where he started struggling in acting, where he gave around 100 auditions for T.V, got pretty good roles too but he was still looking for some challenging roles to act for. His heart convinced him that he is not meant for T.V. probably and should try for the film industry.

His hardwork paid him well. He has been assigned a lead role in a movie called ‘Ektarfa’ and has been learning dance, martial arts, advanced acting and not leaving any point of becoming an overall pakage in the industry .

Bhushan is successfully leading his MLM business ‘Warriors Business Leaderships Network’ and his acting institute named ‘Films and Creative Arts Institute’.

Bhushan Patiyal is a man of his words and a very hardworking Person and people from film industry praise him a lot . We are impressed and motivated by his story and definitely inspired by his incessant struggles and willingness and desirous attitude of fulfilling his dreams. Hope you are too.

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