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Film Making Certificate Course in Mumbai

Film Making Diploma In Mumbai

Film Making Certificate Course the journey of Bollywood

If you have the interest to be the best movie maker from the industry then we are the final and apt destination. This is the best institute in town. We with our team of expert mentors can make your skills polished and talents sharpen. This is the only reason why we are the only best institutes that are most of the time referred to many. Our students get along with the top most directors and actors while the courses are on. The cost is low as per the quality and the offering that is being delivered to them. All the senior actors and directors take classes during weekend s. this adds colorful feathers to the courses.

How many of you want to have a job in TV? Some of you must be interested in working in movie, too. How many of you have ever thought of making a movie? the process by which movies are made. There are a lot of discrete stages which are bonded together like initial story followed by idea and commission, screen-writing and then casting. It is supported by shooting the film and sound recording, reproduction. In the end, there is editing which is followed by screening the finished product before viewers by exhibition or a film release.

There are various techniques and technologies involved in many social, economic and political contexts while doing a movie.There are many people involved in it, and it takes over months or years at times to make a movie. Our Diploma provides with practical training in different areas that you gain knowledge, skill to excel in the field.We have a very supportive group of people who nurture you to give the best performance and helps you in excelling in the skill of movie-making. Our course includes learning the course from experts in the TV and film industry when you leave our institute with Diploma you will be a versatile filmmaker yourself having a network of professional people.

Certificate Course in Film Making

Course Duration 6 Months (Saturday & Sunday)
Course Fee On Request
Per session duration 3 Hours

Film Making Course Highlights :

1. History of Cinema 17. Movie application and Analysis from the Movie maker's point of view
2. Movie Language and its Grammar 18. Movie & TV – the Director’s role
3. Staging, Blocking and Shooting Techniques 19. Creative Collaboration – Handling actors, the Crew and other unit members
4. Exposure to other components of Cinematography, Editing 20. Production and Marketing management of movie and TV shows
5. Practical exercises – Documentary, TV Commercials & promos 21. Introduction to script writing
6. Understanding and using 3 Act Structure 22. Developing Character
7. Plotting Structure, Scene and Its Functions 23. Structure, Scene and Its Functions
8. Step Outline 24. Dialogue Writing
9. Visual storytelling 25. Lighting methods and techniques
10. Camera techniques 26. Scene composition
11. Understanding camera frame 27. Understanding different lenses
12. Shooting for croma 28. Composition technique
13. Working with a crew members 29. Introduction to different HD cameras
14. Project shoot 30. Creative Editing Basics
15. Basics of Different Editing Software 31. Viewing Images As An Editor
16. Promotion 32. Mixing Techniques And Tips
17. Exporting for different Medium 33. Casting
18. Production 34. Understanding Basics of Different Editing Techniques for music video| Movie | Series Etc