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Best Script Writing Course In Mumbai

Best Script Writing Course In Mumbai

Best Script Writing Course In Mumbai

Be a professional Script Writer with FCAI Are you a writer by nature? Do you write books? If not, then how do you utilize your skill in FCAI is ready to give the best exposure for your skills. We will be giving you the excellent support to you so that you can be a very much proficient one in terms of professional and in terms of fame too. Transform your writiήg ability We are ready to give you the necessary Sčript Writiήg Training for you and that too with the best active professionals of the movie industry.

Best Script Writing Course- That Is Needed For Your Career

Many of us want to make a career in movies. But, what forms the film? Isn't it the story? Nowadays, a movie works well if the story is excellent and isn't liked by the audience if the story isn't great. It is not a very easy task to come up with stories that have a reality which the audience will relate to. In this era, the audience looks up to movies that are meaningful and makes masses aware of the truth. To become a successful Sčriptwriter, you need to have best Sčriptwriter course which is provided by many institutes. Let us see what the features that must be provided are.

Course of the Program

  • The best Sčriptwriter course should provide with fundamentals of story. Look for programs that start from the basic so that it can lay the seed of Sčript writiήg in you. You can further work on it and excel to become one of the best professionals in sčript.
  • The student will be trained in three act structure, ideation, developing character, scene structure and plotting.
  • On the first half of the course, the foundations of the sčriptwritiήg must be laid in you. The sessions will mainly concentrate on making you understand the essence of storytelling in films, the classical three-act structure of the film. You will further get an idea of creating cinematic characters and developing and brainstorming your story.
  • The second half of the course focuses on learning to create the account to the next level by using versatile tools to understand the structure of a film and its importance. You also need to understand plotting and concentrate on making scenes of a movie. You are also taught to bring together different stages of the movie together so that they form one whole film.

What is Included in the Program?

Any best scriptwriting course should include:

  • Developing Character
  • Introduction of sčript
  • Using and Understanding 3 Act Structure
  • Scene, Structure and its functions
  • Scene, Plotting Structure and its functions
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Step Outline
  • Sčripting Software and the Conventional Format
  • To draft a professional sčript

Entry Requirements

  • Students having a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree are eligible. However, students without bachelor degree can apply by past works done and portfolio.
  • Before attending the interview, written and visual work has to be submitted. We try to figure out creative ability in filmmaking on the potential students through written and optical material.
  • The applicants must know English, Hindi fluently.
  • People having some practical experience have some extra benefits. If not, students need to show skills in other relevant and vital areas


  • There are trained professionals and experienced faculty who teaches the course.
  • Directors, acclaimed sčriptwriters and producers come as guest lectures.
  • Students applying for the diploma course are prepared so that they come out as professionals who are set to rule the industry.
  • Candidates are given a chance to pitch their best stories to directors/producers.
  • We also advise and assists our students to get registered with the Film Writers Association.