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Best Cinematography Course In Mumbai


About Cinematography Course

Learn the Best Cinematographer Course of basic fundamentals of photographies and cinematographer from the leading group of tutors at FCAI’s Certificate in Cinematographer & Photography.Our course covers all the specialized training needed for an individual to become a professional. The new faces are educated in a different way to achieve the best possible goals. Learn professional photography from the best in the industry. Learn from the best and be the best in your professional life. This course also deals with motion photographies, better known as cinematographies. The students will develop their skill in this particular topic after taking the classes.Diploma in Cinematographer & Photography get closer to your dream job designation. After taking the classes we provide, a student will get the following benefits:

Important Benefits of the course

  • He will be able to understand the photography basics, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • New lighting techniques in cinématographie
  • Basic storytelling will be cleared to the students.
  • The basics of lighting techniques can be understood.
  • basic and Advanced Label Training in Light and Color
  • Scene composition of movies, series and we will be cleared.
  • Understanding the camera frame and using of different lenses.
  • The students will get to shoot for Croma.
  • Basic scene composition fundamentals can be understood.

Career opportunities after the completion of the course

Apart from the above benefits, students can make their own digital photography portfolio, which is a great advantages of one’s professional life. At the end of the training the students will get to work with a film crew and a project will be handed over to them.The scope of photographies and cinematographer is wide. Some of the career opportunities after the completion of the course are as follows:


  • A professional Videography.
  • Cinematographer
  • Wild Life Photographer
  • Different Types of Cameras used in Videography, Film.
  • Camera operators
  • Focus Pullers
  • Exposure Introduction
  • Gaffers and Lighting crew.

If you really want to be good in the industry or in this field, join the master of bollywood in FCAI.