Admission open for 2018-19 in Mumbai & Chandigarh Hurry up limited seats.

Acting Course Syllabus

Acting course after 12th, We have the best acting classes that teach and make candidates make it an effort to select the best student and make and help all the candidates for the best possible career as per their performance during the course.


Why one would select us:

  1. We have the school for leading man process highly experienced people who teach the students, mentor the candidates daily. 
  2. The classes taken by the industry experts make loads of difference in the coming years.
  3. The students get the live exposure to various kind of acting spree and other zones of the same.
  4. The grooming part is strictly taken care of- for this is the best and most important part of making a career robust.
  5. Live support and placement opportunity after the end of the course.
  6. Internship with different houses is also suggested.

Quality comes first


These above are the reasons why one would always opt for us. We believe in quality thus for this Reason only it becomes appreciable for us that we focus on imparting proper education and training to the students. Our alumni and the lecturers take the students to the locations just to make them Perfect for grooming.We being the pioneer in this field of making one a brand actor or actress always aspire to be on the top of the list among the competitors. We wish the team of teachers and mentors from the industry We are the best among all.  Students after 12th examination can well opt for the best possible Glamorous career ever.  We believe all individuals have an intact capacity for branding Oneself. It is just we that just nurture those talents and make a perfect setup for the same.Connect to the professionals like us and get the best form the classes that we possess.We the Corporate in the field of education believe in making an amazing career for all.


The courses and fees

Highly affordable that we have depends and varies courses and as per the duration. For this Reason, only we have a   a special segment of scholarship too.There is an entrance exam when Depending on the merit student set proper scholarship were the fees can well be waved off to 100% even. Now then after if the candidates perform well during semesters then also there is a cost wavier of the hostel fees and many more. This is somewhat a unique part in terms of teaching and branding.We the expert professionals and mentor in this school try and make a career with proper ethics and High-end quality efforts that are always needed and appreciated too.

Rahul Kohli
Body anatomy Mime
Voice & breathing basics Trans Meditation
Audition Introductions & profiles Status
Children's play Characterizations
Creative Writing Self & social analysis
Industry culture and norms
Sandeep Arora
Voice Speech
Diction Observation
Story making Shooting guidance
Mime Fear break
Thought process Real time
Visualisation Action reaction
Industry culture and norms
Manuj Walia
Script reading Monologue
Camera facing & Auditions Story telling
Improvisation Lip sync
Character development Imagination
Industry culture and norms
Vinay Vikrant
Emotions Sense memory
Scene work Playback exercise
Theatrical Knowledge Industry culture and norms